Although the Tabu Lounge has a different event every night of the week, DRAG is always freshly served on the menu at Tabu! The Tabu stage has been lucky and proud to have been graced by thousand of performers in just as many shows since we opened our doors.

Many of the tri-state area’s favorite performers, at one point, had started off their journeys at Tabu. Whether it be Sinful Sundays, the longest running drag show in the gayborhood and hosted by the Goddess Isis, the Drag Attack Amatuer Drag Contest with Vanessa Sterling, the 90’s, clubkid party Haus produced by everyone’s favorite math symbol Pi, the drag and burlesque sensation Tri-Curious,  or another gayborhood favorite, the always hilarious Bev’s Bitchfest (the first Saturday every other month)-most of the queens you have come to know and love can all boast they started right here with the Tabu family.

And if you think there is nothing to do during the week in the gay hood, well honey, you need to only stop by on any Tuesday and Thursday night where you can always find the latest and greatest emerging drag entertainers that Philly has to offer! Tabu’s stage is always open to showcasing new talent.

Our stage director and event planner being Philly’s very own god-mother of drag, Brittany Lynn (founder of Philly’s infamous Drag Mafia), you know Tabu will always have a drag show that even the fussiest queen in your group is sure to love! So get that finger waving in the air and start practicing your best “Yasssssss!” now!